Ark Construction Hits Home

Magdalena Stefanek, February 11, 2018

The renovations to the new Rainbow Hospice Ark Inpatient Unit came full circle when the father of one of the construction company’s employees received care at the Ark.

Bear Construction Company was a contractor for construction on the Ark’s new space at Presence Resurrection Medical Center. Victor Senese, project executive at the company, was involved with the project late last year. So when Victor’s father Dominic fell ill, it was a natural decision for the family to choose the Rainbow Hospice Ark.

Dominic spent the last few weeks of his life receiving care in the comforting, home-like environment his son had helped to create.

Victor said the following of the Senese family’s experience:

“I wanted to let you know what a truly fantastic experience our family had with the Ark. My father spent the last couple weeks of his life at the Ark. He passed away on December 20, 2017. Obviously it was a very difficult time for our family, but the help and support we all received from the staff was terrific. They truly made what was a terrible time much better.

My father was always treated with respect and compassion, and he was always made as comfortable as possible. We were always kept well-informed of my dad’s condition and what we could expect. I know it couldn’t have been easy dealing with constant “over watch” of family members, we just didn’t want Dad to be alone. Again, the staff was fantastic handling all of us.

The room was comfortable and created a good environment for everyone’s needs. We made very good use of the lounges and the nourishment areas. These areas provided a good space to help collect our thoughts and prepare ourselves. The location was perfect for us. Dad was being treated in PRMC on the fourth floor prior to going to the Ark. The ability to walk down the hall was very helpful when we were making the decision about where to go. Simplifying that process was very helpful, especially at that time when no one wants to make that decision.

I just wanted to say thank you for helping our family deal with a difficult time, your project made a huge impact on our lives. I’ve been working on healthcare projects for over 28 years and I have always known that what we do is special and has a positive impact on people’s lives. This one really hit home.

Thank you.”

– Victor Senese

A few Ark associates:
Front Row (left, right): Ron Kukula, Ark Volunteer; Pam Fanella, Ark CNA; Anahi Noveron, Ark CNA; Joana Robles, RN; Eileen Williams, LCSW, Ark Social Worker
Back Row: Taylor Hyde, Ark CNA; Kayce Riordan, Ark Practice Manager; Mary Monaco, Ark RN; Diane Boyle, Ark APN