Nursing Students Graduate from Growing Immersion Program

Magdalena Stefanek, December 12, 2017

DEP students Nancy De La Torre and Claudia Parodi researched grief in children and music therapy for their capstone presentations.


Seven nursing students graduated from Rainbow’s ever-growing DEP program on Tuesday, December 12, 2018. The DEP (Dedicated Education Partnership) is a six-week nursing education immersion program offered by Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care and Resurrection University.

Students in the program receive exposure to hospice and palliative care under the mentorship of experienced RHPC nurses Molly Davies, Pam Waickus-Dryier, Mary Rebek, Twana Rundle, and Pam Winkler. The students have the opportunity to provide hands-on care in palliative, long-term care, and inpatient unit settings.

At the end of the program students present their capstone research at Resurrection University. They are also awarded with a palliative care scholar certificate in front of their peers. One student will begin as a Rainbow staff nurse beginning in 2018.

For more information about the DEP, please contact Nargis Nardi, Director of Clinical Development at Rainbow, at