Rainbow Provides Grief Training to Local High Schools

Magdalena Stefanek, February 28, 2017

Rainbow’s Grief and Loss Services was invited to provide annual in-service grief training at Maine Township High School District 207 Institute Day on Friday, February 17, 2017.

Vicki Scalzitti, Lauren Garrity and Josh Magariel gave a presentation on “Fostering Resilience through the Grief Experience” to more than 50 school social workers, counselors and psychologists from the three district high schools.

Josh opened by introducing and critiquing several of the prevailing theories of grief. Social work intern Lauren Garrity then offered statistics about grief in young people, including the fact that 1 in 5 people will experience the death of someone close to them by age 18.

Vicki closed the presentation by emphasizing the concept of ‘resilience,’ explaining that it is not a personality trait, but rather a skill that can be developed with guidance and support. She described the seven needs of grieving children that must be met to foster resilience.

The presentation received positive feedback from many of the student support professionals in attendance, one of whom who said that he was “very appreciative” for the specific suggestions given.

The Grief in Schools Program provides learning opportunities and support for educators along with advocacy for bereaved children and their families. Click here to learn more.

Josh, Lauren and Vicki at the Maine Township Institute Day on Friday, February 17, 2017.