Internship Opportunities

Rainbow is committed to being at the forefront of training the next generation of healthcare practitioners in end-of-life care. We hosts interns from a variety of specialties, including nursing, social work, counseling, pastoral care, healing arts (including music and massage) and more. 


Rainbow provides clinical rotations for nursing students that vary from one-day observational experienced to multi-week rotations with active participation. All clinical rotations are directly supervised by a Rainbow nurse in conjunction with faculty from the nursing school. Rainbow has enjoyed long-standing contracts with several local nursing institutions, and is available to students at many other institutions.

Social Work, Counseling and Healing Arts

Students participating in psychosocial internships can work with patients and families at any point in the care continuum—while a patient is receiving hospice or palliative care, or when a family is coping with grief and loss. They can work with patients in one-on-one or group settings. Clinical supervision for psychosocial internships is provided through a licensed clinical supervisor from our psychosocial staff.

Bereavement Internships

Grief & Loss Services offers a rich learning experience for master-level interns seeking a strong clinical internship. The bereavement internship offers opportunities to provide individual, family, and group counseling to hospice and community bereaved with the support of dynamic individual and group supervision.

Bereavement Fellowship

Grief & Loss Services is host to a fellowship opportunity for social workers or counselors who are seeking advanced training in grief support and also in need of clinical hours and supervision necessary for state licensure. A bereavement fellow will receive education, clinical supervision, and direct clinical experience with hospice and community bereaved.

Pastoral Care

The Clinical Pastoral Residency is a twelve-month residency available to experienced pastoral care providers who wishes to focus on serving those facing the end of life.

For this residency, RHPC serves as the clinical site. Residents receive individual supervision and work with a peer group serving within a hospital.

Clinical education can vary from a one-day observational experience to a multi-week rotation, based on a student’s individual needs. The LIFE Institute can work with the student and their educational institution to determine what type of program will best suit their needs.


If you or someone you know is interested in participating in a LIFE Institute internship, please contact:

Lisa Miller
Executive Assistant, LIFE Institute
847-653-3250 |