We are here to offer hope and support at a time of profound change and transition in your life. Rainbow has a well-earned reputation for providing compassionate care to those moving through grief toward healing.

Grief & Loss Services at Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care offers individual and family counseling, support groups and educational workshops to our hospice families and those who have experienced a significant loss outside of our hospice. However you may come to us, we sincerely welcome you to participate in our grief support programs.

You may find our services helpful if any of these describe your experience:

Pain of Loving and Losing. The death of a loved one is a time marked by change, pain, sadness, longing, adjustment, caring, courage, remembrance, and new meaning. Our team of experienced, licensed professionals believe that your pain is a natural response to having experienced a significant loss in your life. We can help.

Who I Was. Am. Will Be. Grief isn’t always just about emotional pain, but also about the real ways that life is different now. These changes might be connected to your work, family or personal life. We’ve witnessed how these struggles often provide an opportunity for people to develop new meaning in life by reflecting on who they have been, who they are, and who they are becoming. We can help.

Love Lives On. Perhaps not always present in the early days of grief, a question we often hear is: “What do I do with the love I still feel in my heart?” We’ve learned over and over again that while death means our loved ones are no longer physically here, that love continues to live in our hearts. Learning how to maintain an enduring sense of connection with our deceased loved one is often a necessary step on the path toward healing. We can help.

To learn more about specific services, please call 847-653-3141.