Counseling Services

Support for Rainbow Families and Loved Ones

Rainbow’s Grief & Loss Services are available to family members and loved ones of our hospice patients.  These services include all of our workshops, groups and individual/family counseling. There are no fees for groups and workshops for family members or loved ones of Rainbow patients. Each Rainbow family is eligible to receive up to eight counseling sessions free of charge within the first 13 months of service. Of course, you may continue in our programs past this time if you need.

What if my loved one who died was not a Rainbow patient? Can I still get support?

Yes. Rainbow’s Grief Counseling Program is here to help when life feels overwhelming after someone close to you dies.

How do I know if counseling will help?

We can help you if you’re experiencing loneliness, overwhelming emotions, difficulty concentrating, insomnia or sleeping much more than usual, inability to relax, irritability or anger, difficulty with relationships or feeling that life isn’t worth living.

What can I expect from counseling?

Our counselors are professionals with expertise in issues related to grief and loss. You can expect to explore and express your issues in a safe, compassionate environment. You can expect guidance and support while also feeling empowered on your path towards healing. Our hope for you is that when you end counseling you will have learned something about yourself, you will have found some relief from your grief, and you will feel courage and resilience in your life.

To learn more about counseling services, please call 847-653-3141.