Hospice Team

Medical Team Members

Medical Director

Rainbow’s medical director works closely with our patients’ own physicians regarding pain and symptom control and directs the hospice plan of care.

Attending Physician

This is the patient’s own doctor; that relationship continues during hospice care.

Advance Practice Nurse

Advance practice nurses visit patients in the field and in our inpatient unit.

Nurse (RN Case Manager)

Our staff nurses visit patients’ homes or places of residence to assess conditions and level of comfort. Our nurses teach family members how to help control symptoms. They also update doctors. Staff nurses help patients access the services of the other hospice team members, offer emotional support and visit on a scheduled basis. A Rainbow nurse is available to you for phone consultations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Home Health Aide

Certified nursing assistants provide bathing and personal care services as well as emotional support for patients and families. They may also check vital signs, change dressings and provide other physical support as directed by the nurse.

Social Service Team Members

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

This professional visits patients at home or places of residence to assess the need for continuing emotional support and counseling. Social workers can also help with legal matters, financial concerns and care-giving issues. In addition, they serve as liaisons between caregivers and community agencies.

Grief and Loss Counselor

Feelings of grief and loss can occur before a loved one passes away. Our counselors are available for family members who need help coping with these feelings. Find out more about our Grief and Loss Services.

Spiritual Care and Healing Arts Team Members


Certified staff chaplains visits at home or other places of residence to provide spiritual support for both patients and families. They are also able to connect over the phone. At the patient’s or caregiver’s request, chaplains can contact other religious resources in the community. If there has been a lapse in religious practice, the chaplains at Rainbow can reach out to help patients renew connections.

Integrative Therapy

Integrative Therapy includes music and massage and can offer patients relief from symptoms, pain, and anxiety. Patients can also benefit from the power of music in relaxation and emotional release. These services can include touch, listening, singing, creating musical memories and more. The gifts of our Integrative Therapy team members often help facilitate meaningful connections between patients and families.

Volunteer Team Members

Volunteer Coordinator

A Rainbow staff member who coordinates patient needs with volunteer services.


Supplement staff services offering additional assistance and companionship. Services include friendly visits, respite care or errands.

Your Own Team Members


Facing illness together may make this time easier. Patient and family may want to share feelings directly or ask the team nurse, social worker, chaplain or counselor to bring family members together to talk and listen.


Friends are often eager to help out, but do not know how. They will need some direction so they can provide the comfort and assurance of a long-term acquaintance.